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Soil Moisture Retention And
Moderation For A Living Planet.

EARTHSKIN is manufactured to provide superior moisture management and erosion control for commercial growers throughout the growing cycle. Trials at North Carolina State University and with the NC Department Of Motor Vehicles demonstrated that use of EARTHSKIN results in increased, measurable water conservation, cleaner runoff and better erosion control than traditional methods. Plants and vegetation growing on EARTHSKIN have a better chance of surviving to form a flourishing, natural, un-eroded ecosystem.

• Superior Water Conservation

• Superior Erosion Control

• Excellent Weed Suppression

• Separates Soil From Vegetation For Cleaner Produce

• Reduces Soil Compaction

• Protects Plants' Roots From Damage

• Reduces Soil Heating And Drying

• Cleaner Water Runoff

EARTHSKIN is a topical application that bonds well to rock, sand, soil, dust and plant litter. Mimicking Mother Nature's biomass coverings, EARTHSKIN molds itself to the ground forming a permeable surface that manages moisture, controls erosion, mulches the soil and supports plant growth.

HOW IT WORKS: When applied as directed, EARTHSKIN covers the gound in a continuous matted coating that bonds to the ground. This bonding directs water into the soil beneath, maintaining soil porosity and permeability while reducing soil compaction.

WET DAYS: Excessive water in the soil is moderated by the wicking action of EARTHSKIN. This removes moisture from saturated soils through evaporation. During heavy rains erosion is controlled as rainwater is absorbed through EARTHSKIN and into the soil. Decreased turbidity provides cleaner water runoff, resulting in increased water quality, reduced silting and maintenance of a cleaner water supply.

DDRY DAYS: As EARTHSKIN dries it’s structure resists excessive evaporation, helping to prevent arid soil and to protect plants’ roots from damage. EARTHSKIN also forms a reflective solar shade that reduces soil heating and evaporation, resulting in less irrigation and more conserved water. moisture retention can be customized to accomodate varying seasons and planting requirements.

WEEDS: In addition to moisture management and erosion control, testing has shown EARTHSKIN to be an excellent weed suppressant without the need of herbicides.

EARTHSKIN is a patented, biodegradable, registered bio-based, sustainable product.
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